DECEMBER 20, 1917 - MARCH, 1996

The following is information that was supplied by Alma for the 50th reunion held in 1985:

"I married Jack Shane in 1940, and we had two children, Tom and Patricia. The was was in full swing and we spent some time in California and Boston before Jack was sent overseas. When the war was over, Jack came back to the Fourth National Bank and resumed his duties there. I stayed home to care for our two children. Tom finished college at Kansas State University, attended Yale Divinity School, then on to Vanderbilt for his Doctorate. He married, and they have four children. At the present time, he is busy with his duties as Chaplain at Prairie View Mental Hospital. He is also Police chaplain in Newton and does interim ministry. He wife is head of the Physical Therapy Dept. at Newton hospital. Patricia also graduated from Kansas State University; married Jerry Prather, and now lives in Maud, TX where she is a Kindergarten teacher. they are parents of two children. they have acquired a lake in Maud, and are enjoying a nice business as a swimming resort. They became interested in the foster Child Program, and after having Shawn and Shane in their home for 5 years, decided to adopt them. We how have 8 grandchildren and believe me, "eight is enough". Jack retired from the bank after 43-l/2 years and many serious illnesses. I am Director of Patient Relations at St. Francis Regional medical Center. I find it very challenging. I guess after Jack's many medical problems, and my tour of duty with a brain tumor, it is only fitting that I should work in a hospital."

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