JUNE 18, 1917 - MAY 6, 1984

The following is information that was supplied by John for the 50th reunion held in 1985:

"My family came to California in the Fall of 1935. In 1936, I went to work in the restaurant business as a dishwasher and worked my way up to first cook and night manager. I worked at this for two years and then decided to try something else. In 1938, I started to work for a manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom ventilators where I learned sheet metal manufacturing and worked my way into machine operating. In 1941, I met and married my wife, Emma, who is a wonderful mother and grandmother. In 1943, I joined the Army, a railroad battalion. We went to India and operated the supply line from Calcutta to the Burma Board. There, I was promoted from first cook to mess sergeant, and operated a day and night mess hall for the duration of World War II. In December of 1945, I returned to the U.S. and went back to the manufacturing company and worked my way up to foreman in 1950. In 1960, I was promoted to plant superintendent and was in charge of up to 180 employees. I was involved in grievance and arbitrations and also in labor contract negotiations. In the Meantime, we had three children, all girls, the first of whom was born while I was overseas. In 1965, our company was sold and we all lost our jobs. During the next six years I hopped from job to job, trying to find another job that I liked. In 1974, I got out of manufacturing and went into new housing construction and specialized in interior wall board finishing. This was the most carefree and enjoyable job I ever did. In 1981, I retired from this and now enjoy lots of leisure time. We now have nine grandchildren; six girls and three boys. One of the granddaughters is going to give us a great-grandchild in February, 1985."

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