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for the graduating class of 1927!

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The graduates for this year were:

Ruth Armistead
E. Frank Barnes
Willis Birchard
Raleigh Bussell
William Carpenter
Roman Casto
Burton Clark
William Coker
LaVerne Cresse
Mary Farren
Thelma Fee
Clayton Grant
Irwin Grant
Edward Greenberg
Maurice Hackler
Evelyn Heydt
Fern Hoag
Bertha Hunter
Inezbelle Kelsey
Edward Klockman
Roy Lanphere
Ruth Lanphere
Ivan McGuire
May Mount
Dennis W. Nofsinger
Lucille Oliver
Thomas Speck
Anna Spellman
Mabel Stanley
Cecelia Sullivan
Warren Thurston
Virginia Varnes
Verne Warner
Alden O. Weber
Joseph Whiteford
Raymond Whitla
John Winchel
Bessie Wright
Glenn Wright
Freda Zakoura
Ralph Zakoura

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