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for the graduating class of 1925!

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The graduates for this year were:

Kittie Ackerly
Ida Anderson
Ruth Barr
Nellie Belt
Malden Bishop
Blanche Bratton
Ester Bratton
William "Nat" Bush
Francis Bussert
Martha Lynn Carpenter
Charles Coffelt
Marcella Crowley
Roberts Day
Mary Deehan
Magnolia Draper
Roberta Edgerle
Emma Gibson
Helen Giles
James Orville Goldsmith
Helen Goss
Beulah Grimes
Arthur Guey
Walter Hahn
Gladys Heller
George Huck
Richard Ellis Johnson
Basil Kelsey
Mable Laskie
Leslie McClintock

Blanche McGraw
John Mcguire
Charlotte Ruth Miller
Madge Mount
Eugene Murdock
Ruth Norman
Chester Pace
Homer Ricketts
Verna Schoengerdt
Lida Slawson
Clella Smith
Ralph Sprout
Velma Strode
John William Sullivan
Laura Sutherland
Ruth Tenny
Ruth Thrasher
Eugene Turner
Ralph Tyler
Mae Walthall
Oren Weeks
Joan LaVonne West
Charles Virgil Whiteford
Ralph V. Whitla
Gladys Whitney
Coila Winfield
Hatilda Young
Lois Young
R. Alfred Young

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