Welcome to the Information Page
for the graduating class of 1923!


The graduates for this year were:

Margaret Ackerly
Dorothy Alford
Kenyon Arbogast
Hazel Bailie
Lila Bevis
Virginia Blauvelt
Floyd Callahan
Charles Case
Blanche Downen
Maude Eden
Gladys Fee
Helen Fitzgerald
LaVonne Galbraith
Nelson Goetz
Elwood Gray
Raymond Guey
Dora Haney
John Harvey
Earl Havens
Merle Hyatt
Thelma Jenkins
Elizabeth King
Anna Klockman
Catherine Loftus
Cecelia Loftus
James Mahin
Alice Mallory
Clara McClintock
Ina Purinton
Jenness Ruhland
Theresa Russell
Zelma Shearer
Helen Stanley
Dorothy Wade
Myrtle Wagers
Mae Williams


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